Why Design is Putting Aside Pen and Paper

To think of older days of design, you think of a thick, full sketchbook full of days and hours of work. You think of a skilled and creative designer who could conjure a client’s design with a pencil and a perfectly descriptive conversation. The skill, creativity and beautiful presentation are very much present in modern[…]

How Cabinet Makers Can Work From Home

Even before recent occurrences, working from home has become an ever-growing preference for many workers in efforts to improve work-life balance and reduce unnecessary travel time. However, for many trades and services there isn’t a component of their job that can be done from home. A fire can’t be put out or a house be[…]

Woodmatt Laminates, Kitchen Surfaces Review

Woodmatt laminates have become a revolutionary, cost effective way of adding natural, warm tones to your kitchen – Polytec Woodmatt can be used in various applications and add a designer element to your space. Mixing timber finishes and solid colours in kitchen design is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. By combining different finishes,[…]

Laminex Colours in Australia

Laminex Colour Collection 2021 Re-imagined colours of Laminex laminates 41 new decors and a simplified structure, makes it easier to create beautiful, contemporary interiors. The new Laminex Colour Collection in Australia, is the largest update of Laminex laminates and decorated board ranges in more than a quarter of a century. The entire collection has been[…]

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